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Ruben Estrada

Helping the transitioning Executive / business owner to build a successful executive coaching business. As a CEO Coach, I have the opportunity to work with a wide array of business owners and to get to know their business philosophy and business ethics. Donald’s philosophy has always been to put the needs of his customers first, and his work ethics are of the highest I have ever seen. I would strongly recommend Donald to any company looking to hire an outside programmer.

Bob Langieri

Don developed and completed the Sky-Pro Quote system for my client. It started as a request to post static PDF’s of Excel spreadsheet pricing data, but when Don met with the client’s key users, he was able to show them how they could do much more by using live data. Originally it took from 5-7 business days for this client to create a quote for a customer. While the CEO wanted a fixed bid, with every meeting they changed the requirements. Don was able to work closely with the key user to win over the CEO and in the end the CEO and users met with Don and I to sign off on the project and the CEO said that he was overwhelmed by the usefulness of the program enabling the client to produce accurate quotes for custom industrial & residential products the same day. No other competitor could do it in less than a week. In addition, Don developed a system for loading these awkward combination different sized products on to tractor trailers so that the client would save up to $20,000 per month. The expense of the project paid for itself within 4 months plus gave the client a huge competitive advantage that meant closing more sales because their turnaround for quotes was so much better than the competition. The CEO could not say enough about Don’s analytical skills and ability to inject new ideas to the benefit of the client. Knowing or other programming skills are a part of what makes a good consultant, but understanding the clients business and needs, sometimes better than they understand is what makes an exceptional consultant. To that, add Don’s professionalism, personality, courtesy with clients, and work ethic, he will always be on the top of my list for projects.less

Glenda Ebersole

Donald worked on my team as a web development and programming expert to automate tasks on a complex database project for a mortgage broker client of mine. I have worked with Donald for 9 years and have used his programming services on various projects during that time. He is able to articulate a project, is easy to collaborate with, and meets or exceeds deadlines.