InterConnecting Automation
Chemical Plant 1st PLC 2nd PLC 3rd PLC Data Logger
  When Doug Bell of InterConnecting Automation (an educational company) called Donald Sanders of DMS System to complete his configuration software program for his newly developed Data Logger it was no small thing.
  • A PLC (program Logic Controller) is a kind of highly durable industrial computer that responds rapidly to sensors or other kinds of electronic devices in a manufacturing environment.
  • A Data Logger collects data from that PLC
  • Doug Bell needed a way for the customer to configure their own Data Logger
  • Donald Sanders created program to create a text file that is read by Data Logger
  • Customer will configure their own Data Logger on any PC using this program
  • Software navigates thousands of configuration possibilities without allowing any conflict
  • Software configures Data Logger for top 3 PLC manufacturers
  • This will be one of the lowest cost and best value Data Loggers of it's kind
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