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  When Kevin Stewart of Kevin Stewart Productions commissioned the Visual Basic Programmer to write his Casino Entertainment
Scheduling System, time was of the essence. This high intensity business sometimes required him to work 20 hours a day and
only one casino at a time. Today because of the software,
Kevin is confident that he could run the entertainment for
five Casinos and still have time for himself.

  • On-line real time Profit & Loss reporting
  • Customized real time multi-location budget tracking
  • Entertainer Bi-weekly and YTD payment summaries
  • Extensive Event and performer schedules
  • Daily changing Entertainer schedule tracking and work summaries
  • Payroll service interface
  • On-line confirmations for entertainer schedules
  • Mass event audio & video file uploads that feed directly into promotional web pages
  • On-line e-Commerce concert ticket processing system
  • Enabled event planning and collaborative real time budgeting across the globe